Yo creo (I believe)

F. Torres cree que las cosas deben cambiar y que él es quien los españoles necesitan, así que va a presentar su candidatura a las Elecciones Europeas. Este vídeo es su íntimo retrato, de sus intereses y miedos sobre el futuro de España y Europa.

F. Torres thinks things need to change, and he is the guy that the Spanish people need, so he is a candidate running for the European Elections. This video is an intimate portrait of him, of his interests and his fears about the future of Spain and Europe. Having introduced F. Torres, we pose you the question: What is it that you (don’t) like about your politicians in Europe?

“I Believe” by Lucas Tello, Fran Torres, Nuria G. Atienza and Guillermo Marrufo is a commissioned video produced by ZEMOS98 for Radical Democracy: European Video Challenge 2014.

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