REMIX: Guy Debord vs Adam Curtis vs David Hasselhoff

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The Society of Spectacle Redux is a three-minute audiovisual remix looking at the exterior borders of the spectacle to analyze how it pushes different kinds of violence into different ways of living.

The Association of Spectacle was produced for Occidente: Fortaleza mediática (Western World: Media Fortress), a lecture presented at OVNI festival in Barcelona at March 2, 2016. The soundtrack was taken from the film The Society of Spectacle by Guy Debord; the images belong to David Hasselhoff Looking from Freedom show; London: The Modern Babylon by Julien Temple; and Adam Curtis’ Bitter Lake.

This video uses copyrighted archive footage using the fair use right and the non-commercial vocation of the piece. We think some of the used images needed an anti-colonial based revision.

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