We are participating in Pixelache: Interfaces for Empathy

We are participating in Pixelache: Interfaces for Empathy

From 22nd to 25th of September, we are in Helsinki to attend to Pixelache, a transdisciplinary festival for emerging art, design, research and activism that we met at the 17th edition of ZEMOS98 festival through this presentation. This year Pixelache is celebrating its 14th edition with Interfaces for Empathy:

Interfaces for Empathy explores possibilities of the shift towards the understanding of human species as a balanced part of the ecosystem we live within. For a long time humankind has known about the challenge of overconsumption of natural resources that eg. cause climate disruption, loss of biodiversity, pollution and extinction of species. Nevertheless, the knowledge on its own does not seem to lead to rapid and significant change in our behavior.

ZEMOS98 is taking part in the program as well with an Audiovisual Source Code made by Felipe G. Gil named Copylove and Remix. It will take place at Lapinlahti Hospital Auditorium on  25th September at 13:00h. Let’s meet there if you are around!

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