Displaced in Media –  an infrastructure for participation through media

Displaced in Media – an infrastructure for participation through media

Displaced in Media is a project devoted to foster the participation of young migrants and refugees in the media spheres of European societies to include their voices, desires and hopes into the general streams of mainstream media.

The overall aim of Displaced in Media is to contribute to an innovative and collaborative infrastructure that supports the training of a new generation of young citizen journalists drawn from Europe’s refugee and migrant diasporas.

The infrastructure to be developed within the project consists of:

  • A sustainable community of practice that entails nine participating organizations and their networks and a peer group of young migrant citizen journalists. A community of practice is a group of people who share a craft or profession. It is through the process of sharing information and experiences in the group that the members learn from each other.
  • A shared methodology of media literacy education which will be adapted, tested and refined in the local contexts.
  • A collection and dissemination strategy for migrants’ media works from across Europe. These materials will be important for sharing good practice, as well as providing an effective way of bringing migrant voices into public debate.
  • Improved policy awareness on local, national and European level for the democratic participation of young migrants. The goal is to contribute to enable wider debates on how migrants and refugees can become part of the public sphere by bringing together policymakers.

This project answers to the believe that refugees and migrants need to be participants in -rather than subjects of- public debate; this project will create an architecture to let refugees and migrants create the media images of their own. The project encourages active citizenship, combats segregation and discrimination and promotes the integration of migrants and refugees.

Displaced in Media is coordinated by the European Cultural Foundation, and the partners are: Creative Initiatives ‘E’ (Poland), Kurziv (Croatia), British Film Institute (UK), Mode Istanbul (Turkey), Les têtes de l’art (France), We are here (Netherlands), Fanzingo (Sweden) and ZEMOS98 (Spain).

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