Carteles contra muros workshop results

Carteles contra muros workshop results

How to struggle against the mainstream media narratives about migrations? How to experiment with other stories that don’t reproduce the same stereotypes and ideas? These were the questions posed to the participants in the workshop Carteles contra muros, which took place during the 20th and 21th of September as part of the activities carried out by ZEMOS98, partner in Displaced in Media, and produced by UNIA (International University of Andalucía).

The workshop was facilitated by Elena Cabrera, Moha Gerehou and Ricardo Barquín Molero. There were three tables working with different goals; proposing, from different fields of work, the production of some contents.

Elena Cabrera’s table was focused on unveiling the way mainstream media use data and statistics as a way to legitimate their reason of being. A series of infographics to deconstruct myths around migration were developed. They were designed to be easily shareable through social media, Whatsapp, etc. After listing the most relevant stereotypes in the Spanish society about newcomer populations, the participants decided to work on deconstructing the perception about the use of health and social services migrants do, and also the idea of them stealing the work.





















Ricardo’s table made a tour through relevant examples of political posters as an inspiration to develop three axes of work for the posters the group was going to develop. As a result, three posters were developed. You can see them below.

Moha Gerehou’s table was focused on further developing the Anti-racist test for media, a proposal initiated during the Displaced in Media Hackcamp that took place in Seville during February 2018. Taking the Bechdel test as inspiration, the participants worked around a series of questions to address news and journalistic texts with the goal to unveil the media approach about migration and the situation of refugees.

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