The artist wants an agent to represent him when marketing certain rights listed in it. and The Artist-Agent Market also lists advertising campaign services, customer collection, services in addition to the agent`s obligations, the agent`s authority in decision-making and representation on behalf of the artist, regulating laws and jurisdiction, as well as confidentiality and termination clause. 4. Commissions. The agent is entitled to the following commissions; (A) In the case of assignments provided by the agent during the duration of this contract, the percentage of the billing . (B) On the accounts of the house, per cent of the settlement. For the purposes of this Agreement, home accounts are defined as accounts that the artist receives at any time or receives from another agent representing the artist prior to the commencement of this Agreement and contained in the calendar (A) attached to this Agreement. Both parties understand that for orders refused by the artist or for which the artist receives no payment, regardless of why the payment is not made, no commission is paid. In addition, neither in (A) nor in (B) above, there is a need to pay a commission for part of the count, which is due to the costs incurred by the artist during the execution of the assignment, whether or not these costs are reimbursed by the client. In the event that a flat fee is paid by the client, it is reduced by the amount of expenses incurred by the artist during the execution of the assignment and the representative`s commission must be paid only on the reduced tax.

3. Term. This agreement comes into force on the day . . . (year), and remains fully valid for a period of one year, unless it ends in accordance with paragraph 9. The artist appoints the agent as his exclusive representative; (A) in the following geographic area: download ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Smart Business Box to immediately access 400 templates of business and legal documents! Second promotion. The artist makes available to the agent the rehearsals of works that are necessary from time to time to secure the controls.

These models remain the property of the artist and are returned within thirty (30) days of the end of this contract. The officer makes reasonable efforts to protect the work from loss or deterioration, but is only responsible for that loss or injury if it was caused by the agent`s negligence. Advertising costs, including paid advertisements and advertisements, are paid by the agent`s agent `percent` of the agent and `percent` of the artist.

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