21. If the buyer wishes to terminate the contract after signing, the buyer`s deposit expires (maximum 30%) and is agreed as a loss of harm and not as a penalty, as is the case for contracts for which materials have not been ordered by the company. If the goods ordered by the buyer were ordered by the company, the total value of the contract will have to be paid as loss of profit and other damages, especially in cases where granite or marble have been custom cut. 13. The company disclaims any responsibility for kitchen units/carcasses that do not support the granite or marble profiles incorporated. Buyers should ensure that all basic units are able to support granite or marble before the contract. 3. Buyers should ensure that the specifications provided by the Company meet their wishes, as changes may not be possible after the signing of this contract or that additional costs may be incurred for you. In particular, unless written indication, buyers will receive 20/20 granite and not 30/20. The company was born thanks to the entrepreneur Mario Mella, who chose to devote his time to the world of natural stones in several activities.

Based on the results obtained over the years, he founded in 1970 a wood mill for marble and granite slabs, the “M.G.M”. Thanks to his experience and the growth of the markets, he founded Grani Mar in 1985, in which he wanted to invest energy and capital. Commercial relations and synergies with the Chinese province of Laizhou to give Verona and Italian companies greater visibility through an interactive platform. This is the common denominator of the agreement signed on 25 September evening in Aquardens, the Valpolicella Spa Park in Santa Lucia di Pescantina. This agreement was reached by Davide Muzzolon, Signed the Vice President of the Confindustria Marmomacchine and Sun Yulin of Laizhou Stone Material, Association.At signed similar cooperation agreements between Filiberto Semenzin, president of the Veneto Marble and Stones District, and Sun Shengde, president of the Association of Citizians, and between Roberto Zorzi, mayor of Sant`Ambrogio di Valpolicella (Vr) and Gong Quan. We are committed to supporting and supporting Italian companies that wish to invest in China by encouraging tax breaks, ” said Sun Yulin, President of the Stone Material Association, representing the large Chinese delegation, present in Aquardens and verona for the Marmomacc International Exhibition. “Our intention is also to introduce new customers and promote Italian products in our region.” For our part, Muzzolon added, “we intend to deliver our products to Chinese customers, our stone collections and our technologies.” In addition, “in accordance with the principles of equality and reciprocity between the parties, we will open a common channel of information, which will be regularly evaluated by a joint review of opportunities for cooperation.” The satisfaction was also expressed by the other meeting players: Filiberto Semenzin, the Veneto Marmor and Stone District President and Sun Shengde of the Citizens Association and between Roberto Zorzi, the mayor of Sant`Ambrogio di Valpolicella (Vr) and Gong Quan the mayor of Laizhou.All participants agreed to establish new commercial relations for mutual economic growth. The outcome of this agreement, which has been operational since the signing, will be assessed in a year`s time at a special meeting.

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