However, don`t be confused by the common practice of labeling certain terms of sale as “legal” or “commercial.” In reality, all terms of sale are “general conditions” with a specific “legal” effect. While you are tempted to lightly show a Master Service Agreement with its “legal Mumbo-Jumbo” and focus in a working statement on more familiar “commercial terms, ” the reality is that documents must be considered as a whole. The terms of a master`s service contract have been designed for a reason, and each has legal and commercial implications that must be analyzed and verified to ensure that they match the corresponding transaction. 4.3 Non-exclusion. Without allowing the company (or its staff) to participate in conduct or activities that would lead to a violation or violation of a clause in this agreement, the customer recognizes that the company`s staff providing services to the customer under this agreement may, from time to time, provide similar services to others, and that agreement does not prevent the company from providing similar services to others. , to use these staff to provide such similar services to these other people. The company recognizes that the client may, from time to time, entrust similar services to other consultants, and this agreement does not prevent the client from using such consultants. Don`t forget the “Boilerplate” in a Master Service Agreement. As with all trade agreements, the section generally contains provisions that are just as important as those at the heart of the agreement, such as law, choice of jurisdiction and jurisdiction, assignment and subcontracting, the status of independent contractors, dispute resolution, force majeure and procedures for amending the master service contract and factory declarations. Almost all MMAs contain a confidentiality provision that is generally reciprocal between the parties. Those who do not lack it may include in the Master Service Agreement the terms of a prior confidentiality agreement if it has been negotiated separately and deal with issues that may arise during the implementation of the MSA.

In one way or another, confidentiality is almost always addressed and, more recently, its provisions are made available at the same time as data protection and data protection rules when certain types of information (e.g. B, personal data or “PII”) is disclosed and processed as part of the relationship.

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