The agreement came into force on July 1, 2019 with reduced rates. From 1 July 2021, all tariffs should be abolished. On average, outgoing call prices fell by 65% and data transmission prices by 78%. [1] International Roaming Zone between Eastern Partner Countries and EU Member States “This is the first step in reducing roaming prices, including in EU countries, ” Matia said a month ago. The regional agreement on homelessness is an important signal of tangible regional cooperation and integration, and I am pleased that the European Commission has been able to support this process through the expertise we have gained from our own experience in introducing European roaming as at home. I welcome the political commitment of the entire region to negotiate and implement this agreement in a timely manner. This agreement has an important objective in the interests of citizens and businesses in the Western Balkans. “The signing of the roaming agreement and the total disappearance of homelessness by 2021 mean that the region will be digitally integrated into Europe, ” said Damjan Manchevski, Macedonian Minister of the Information and Administration Society. She stressed that this initiative is part of the Berlin process, whose heart is regional cooperation and the region`s rapprochement with the EU.

The regional roaming agreement, which formally provides for “the agreement on reducing the prices of roaming services on public mobile phone networks in the Western Balkans region”, provides for the introduction of roaming charges in Western Balkan countries; Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. The agreement applies to both fees that mobile network operators can charge their subscribers for the use of telephony and data services outside the network member state and wholesale networks can charge each other to allow their subscribers to access each other`s networks. “Great news (finally!): From July, citizens and businesses in the Western Balkans will pay far less roaming charges for navigation, SMS and telephone charges throughout the region. From July 2021, you will walk around at home, ” he wrote. On 4 April, the countries of the Western Balkans signed an agreement to abolish roaming charges in 2021. Under the agreement, a transition period will begin on 1 July 2019, when roaming charges for telephone calls between Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro and Northern Macedonia will be reduced by 27%, while for Albania the reduction will be 85%. In February 2019, at the third Eastern Partnership Ministerial Meeting on the Digital Economy, the six eastern partner countries reaffirmed their determination to sign a Regional Homelessness Agreement (RRA) by the end of 2020.

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