According to section 4 of Rockwell Automation, Inc. 2020 Long-Term Incentives Plan (the “Plan”), Restricted Stock Units of Rockwell Automation, Inc. have been granted the date (the “award date”), under the restricted storage unit agreement (this agreement), subject to the provisions of the plan, if they can be amended. The basic terms that are used in this agreement and are not otherwise defined have the corresponding meanings attributed to them in the plan. This grant of RSUs fully fulfills all of the company`s obligations to the participant with respect to the issuance of shares, stock options or other stock security. (b) for the purposes of Section 9 B) I) of the plan, an RSU is deemed to be adopted if the RSU confers the right after the completion of the relief event: receive, in accordance with the provisions of this RSU, for each share submitted to the RSU immediately prior to the closing of the reorganization event, the consideration (cash, securities or other assets) that common shareholders received from common shareholders for each act of relief immediately prior to the closing of the recovery event (and if consideration has been offered to the holders, the type of consideration chosen by the holders of the majority of the outstanding shares); However, if the consideration received in connection with the reorganization event is not exclusively common shares of the company or a subsidiary company, with the agreement of the beneficiary company or the subsequent company, the consideration to be received by RSU consists exclusively of such a number of common shares of the acquiring or subsequent company (or subsidiary) that the Board of Directors considers equivalent (on the date of this finding or at another date set by the Board of Directors) to the holders of outstanding common shares as a result of the adjustment event. The limited stock is included in the gross income of the tax and is recorded on the date the shares become transferable (also known as the set-up date). RSUs are not eligible for the Internal Income Code (IRC) 83 (b) Election, which allows an employee to pay taxes before the vesting, because the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) does not consider them a tangible property. is subject to the plan, Section 11 (k), including, if applicable, the six-month delay rule in sections 11 (k) (i) (D) and (E) of the plan. (Note: This rule may apply to any part of the RSUs that retires after the date you retire under the plan, and may also apply in other cases). The payment of RSUs or cash resulting directly or indirectly from dividend equivalents on RSUs or adjustments to RSUs is made at the time of payment of the RSU granted and subject to the restrictions and conditions applicable to the RSU granted. Pending the delivery of shares to you in the settlement of RSUs, you have no rights of a shareholder of the company with respect to the shares that were issued in the settlement of the RSUs, including the right to choose the shares and receive dividends and other distributions on the underlying shares of the common stock (however you are entitled to dividend equivalents). The shares that can be used to pay RSUs will be delivered to you at the time of the count in the form of a certificate or in some other way that the company can reasonably determine.

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