2. PRICE; Payment. The buyer is solely responsible for all public, local or federal sales, uses, VAT, excise duties, import duties or other taxes. These taxes will be added to the final invoice prices in cases where the seller is required to collect them from the buyer; However, provided that the buyer makes this payment to the seller if the seller does not collect such taxes and is subsequently invited by a tax authority or obliged to pay these taxes. At the seller`s choice, prices may be adjusted to reflect any increase in seller costs resulting from national, federal or local legislation or a change in the pricing or classification of an airline. Unless the seller is otherwise required, all prices are the seller`s shipping point.B. The purchase price is due before shipping. Unpaid and outstanding invoices are subject to service charges on outstanding balances at an interest rate of less than 10% (18%) Corresponds. per year or by the maximum interest rate allowed by current legislation, the buyer is responsible for all costs incurred by the seller at the time of forfeiture, including reasonable legal fees. 2. During the period – the buyer has the exclusive right to organize and authorize the publication and/or sale of books and catalogues with illustrated reproductions of the artist`s work of art in any part of the world. 5. Claims; START OF THE ACTIONS.

The buyer must immediately check all products during delivery to identify the damage caused by shipping. The buyer accepts that all damages and rights resulting from shipping are satisfied only by the insurance policy (the “insurance”) of the insurance agency covering the delivery of the product, and the seller is not liable for claims or damages that are not covered by the insurance. All claims for damages resulting from delivery must be filed in writing within 10 days of delivery of this product, or these claims are permanently revocable. Any action by the purchaser or any other action based on a breach of this contract or any other claim arising from that sale must be commenced within thirty (30) days of the Seller`s offer of delivery. In last month`s edition, it was proposed that one method to gently introduce the artist and buyer into the idea of a written agreement is to ensure that all artists begin to use a sales bulletin that simply recorded the date and place of sale, described the parts and the work, and set the price and payment terms. (Artists and their agents could use a simple co2 copy book for the purchaser`s use and keep the copy; Buyers who do not stand ready to sign the invoice could receive the original signed by the artist or agent alone.) The Sales Bulletin will act not only as a receipt for money, but also as documentary proof of the sale. Enforcement could be made more acceptable to reluctant buyers if supported by artists` organizations and groups, galleries, museums, regional arts associations and national arts councils; everyone was able to authorize its use, so it became the “Standard Artists Bill of Sale”.

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