5.3 Melt Creative Ltd will work with the client to complete the design work until both parties are satisfied. This ALS applies only to the digital workflow system and services described in the applicable agreement or work statement. This ALS does not apply to software, devices, services or other elements of a computer system that are not purchased by Print Ready Art or managed by Print Ready Art. Print Ready Art corrects material problems with the ngine digital workflow system, unless: 12.6. In the event that either Lacoudhir Design LTD or the customer wishes to terminate an ongoing project or service for any reason, they can do so with written notice of at least 30 days. Lacoudhir Design LTD invoices the customer for the value of the works or services concluded up to the agreed termination date. Print Ready Art provides ngine`s digital workflow system via AWS, a cloud platform that provides computing, networking and data storage services. 8. HOURLY RATE CHARGES 8.1 DG is charged for services that are not included in an offer or under the terms of the clause (9), accommodation.

The amount charged is determined by SMWDL`s standard hourly rate, unless another hourly rate has been agreed in writing. 8.2 The DG checks and can increase its normal hourly rate each year. 8.2 A minimum 15-minute fee is charged. 9.9.1. Assistance for work not covered by a SOW or PO: When requests for assistance are received by customers who are not connected to an OPEN SOW or PO, Lacoudhir Design LTD is not responsible for the response to the reported error and correcting it. However, Lacoudhir Design LTD will always aim to meet the customer with a solution pathway and associated costs. All requests outside of a support contract are handled with low priority, until an agreement on the costs of reviewing the problem. This ALS describes the availability and support levels of the digital workflow that a customer can expect for the duration of the Print Ready Art agreement. 10.2 Melt Creative Ltd only establishes the client`s email address on the UK web server and does not guarantee that it will support other service providers, unless agreed in the initial project mission. The substantive issues relate to the content of customer data itself.

The customer is the creator and manager of his customer data and therefore has the mission to provide personalized support to these issues. Example: “How to add an installation to a design task.” 9.8. If Lacoudhir Design LTD believes that an application is not subject to the support agreement, they will inform the customer and discuss the application as further development and propose a solution and costs.

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