The simple answer is that all costs must be evenly distributed among the number of properties associated with the septic tank. No matter how many people live in each property, or how big each property is compared to the others, it`s a simple share per property. The only exception is that something else has been agreed and formally stipulated in property thefts. Until then, so simple. Unfortunately, things tend to go a bit pear-shaped when the chords have not been written down. As a general rule, provisions relating to the maintenance, repair or replacement of a common septic tank (or other off-hand drainage system) are detailed in ownership contracts or in a separate formal agreement. In this regard, it is essential that the agreement be formal. We have seen cases where informal agreements have been reached between neighbours, who then came back to bite all the new owners of the property on the preverbial. There are many drawbacks to being on a common system.

First, you are legally obliged to walk half with all the work, repairs or installation costs that your neighbor decides to perform on the septic tank that is in their garden. This can cause a lot of tension and stress. I know, because I was in the same situation. In fact, that`s how I got into the septiquet industry. But listen to me. Not Dospair. I made this video because I made this video, because I want to show you a simple way to get rid of your neighbors, shared Septic Pit. We are often called by property owners with a common septic tank and we ask if they need tank insurance. The simple answer is no, but it`s a good idea to check that every homeowner has the right coverage in their existing real estate insurance. If you`re not so familiar with your neighbors, and the septic tank you divide no longer works, it can create some unpleasant conversations.

Who`s going to pay for it? Who`s going to make the arrangements? And what if all the neighbours don`t solve the problems? The most common type of off-hand drainage tank is a sewage basin, so in this guide we refer to “sewage tanks, ” but this could also relate to any type of common supply. Of course, there are many companies you could call, but we would strongly recommend calling UKDP (biased, us?). Exactly what is causing septic tank inspection problems can be found. If you are buying a property that has a common septic tank, it is important to understand what currently exists. The absence of a formal agreement can cause real headaches for all concerned and our council would always ensure that there is some form of formal written agreement. Neighbor: Oh hello, the septic tank has to be emptied, so can you sort it? Now a common septic tank problem is not so much a “problem” if your neighbor is the guy who feeds your cat while you`re gone and gives you a box of your favorite biccies for Christmas. Okay, the title may sound a little more dramatic, but in the UKDP HQ, we often get calls from property owners who have a common septic tank with their neighbors, and things have turned a little ugly. Septic tanks can use individual properties or several properties. In the case of a sewage pond that is used in common with two or more properties, the reservoir is usually within the boundary of one of the associated characteristics. Sometimes a common septic tank (or any soakaway system in which it connects) could be in a third country that is not in the possession of someone who connects to the tank.

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