Still not sure you`ve done enough homework? Another tactic to refine your CMA is to ask your realtor to contact other agents to get the Scoop on homes that are not yet fully sold but are currently waiting to close. Realtors create CMAs by looking at similar items or comps – recently sold real estate that looks like your own home (or, if you`re a home buyer, the one you want to make an offer on). Resemblance is the key because it brings you closest to a comparison between apples and apples. You can look at house prices near you to attract some rude comps, but some of the data that goes into a CMA may not be as readily available to you as for a realtor. With a real estate CRM, the easiest way is to track customer data. For an affordable and fully functional CRM, we really love LionDesk. With LionDesk, you can create profiles for each of your contacts, organize and sort contacts based on key data, and easily send messages like a perfectly matched CMA. “Recently, there was a house that sold 5% less than the other houses in the neighborhood. After calling the real estate agent, we found that the buyer was paying all the cash payments and closing in two weeks, ” recalls Allen Johnson, a real estate agent in Woodbridge, VA. This property could easily have been used as a comparable home, but these details certainly had an impact on the final sale price. Thank you for that comment. There are some things in your comments that I would like to address. First of all, I really appreciate that you take some time to leave us your thoughts.

Based on the context of your comments, I assume you are not a real estate agent, but an owner who cares (rightly) about the fair valuation of your home. Here are a few things to chew on: remember, although a comparative market analysis uses objective information such as square meters, surface, number of rooms, etc., they are ultimately a tool based on subjective feedback from you, the real estate professional. The reason these companies want to work with us is because they know that our readers now represent the most committed, professional and committed real estate agents online today. For the real estate expert representation in South Orange County California, call Ron Buck at Keller Williams Realty. 949-456-0505 or click here. Happy to help, and great question. The question of age in a home is difficult because, in many ways, it does not affect the value of a home… Until he did.

For example, a house that is five years old versus a house that is 15 years old doesn`t really seem like it makes a big difference to me, unless the surfaces are very different and the older house feels dated. On the other hand, a house that is 20 years old vs. 30 years old could be a big difference, because some of the components (roof, septic, mechanical, etc.), ), which have a lifespan of 30 years, are now on borrowed time. A CMA is a method of evaluating real estate used by real estate professionals to estimate the value of residential real estate; A CMA offers a value range. This helps sellers set a list price for their property. CMAs are looking at prices at which similar goods have recently been sold in the same region. “It`s going to help you really recognize the officers who know the area well, ” he says. Each industry has its own acronyms that can become their own language. This is a good list of some of the real estate. But just because I don`t have clear cut percentages doesn`t mean I can give that there is no specific formula for your area.

If I were you, I would put some time aside to immerse myself a little deeper in this subject. Go into MLS data that goes back a few years, try to find really strong comparisons (out of your normal time for a CMA), adapt to the average market growth that gives you extra time, and see if you can detect a pattern that is emerging. Known in real estate simply by its acronym, a CMA is a powerful tool that allows to round out characters

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