This means that individuals can lie to put themselves in a positive light. For example, if a Likert scale measures discrimination, who would admit to being racist? Let`s look at what constitutes a Likert question, find examples, understand when to use this tool and see how to use it for your surveys. The benefits of using Likert Skala`s questions in a survey are as follows: Once the questionnaire is completed, each item can be analyzed separately or, in some cases, article responses can be added together to get a score for a group of items. Therefore, Likert scales are often called summing scales. Developing a scale with a balanced keying (an equal number of positive and negative statements and, in particular, an equal number of positive and negative statements on each position or issue) can circumvent the problem of bias in terms of tolerance, since tolerance to positive cryptpoints will compensate for adherence to negatively characterized points, but defensive, central tendencies and the spirit of social desire are a little more problematic. One Likert element is only a statement that the respondent must assess by giving it a quantitative value for each type of subjective or objective dimension, the degree of agreement/disagreement being the most commonly used dimension. Well-designed Likert elements have both “symmetry” and “balance.” Symmetry means that they contain the same number of positive and negative positions whose respective distances above the “neutral”/zero value are bilaterally symmetrical (whether this value is presented as a candidate or not). Balance means that the difference between the different candidate values is the same, so both quantitative and average comparisons are valid for items containing more than two candidate values. [10] When it comes to Likert-type ordinal diaries, you have to make two decisions. Consensus-based assessment (CBA) can be used to establish an objective standard for Likert scales in areas where there is no generally accepted or objective standard. Consensus-based assessment (CBA) can be used to refine or even validate generally accepted standards.

[Citation required] If you used Likert elements in a survey, averages, medians and frequencies are the tools needed for analysis.

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