7. conflicts of interest; Non-hire provisions. The contractor assures that he is free to conclude this agreement and that this commitment is not contrary to the terms of an agreement between the contractor and the third parties. In addition, in the performance of its duties, the contractor must not use invention, discovery, development, improvement, innovation or trade secrecy in which he has no interest in property. During the duration of the agreement, the contractor devotes as much time, energy and productive capacity to the performance of his duties under this contract as is necessary to carry out the required tasks in a timely and productive manner. The contractor is expressly free to provide services to other parties while providing services to the company. For a period of six months after termination, the contractor may not directly or indirectly hire, solicit or encourage an employee, advisor or contractor of the company to leave the company`s employment or to recruit such an employee, advisor or contractor who has left the company`s employment or contractual obligation within one year of that employment or engagement. – description of the work to be done – as it is established if the work is completed and if there are important steps – when the payment is released – how the contract can be terminated – what the parties must do in the event of a dispute 21. Full understanding. This document and all attachments constitute the full understanding and approval of the parties, and all previous agreements, agreements and submissions are terminated and cancelled and no longer have any effect. This agreement is only a policy that can be costumed according to requirement 4.

Written reports . The company may require that project plans, progress reports and a final report be submitted monthly by the contractor. A final report is due to the completion of the project and will be presented to the company in a confidential written report at that time.

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