Conciliation: This type of procedure consists of a conference at which the parties to the dispute ask the court for a comparison of assets. The main objective of this type is to reach a conclusion by which both parties conclude an agreement, so that correct approval mandates are passed. You must provide your name and address of residence, as well as a clear statement that you wish to unsubscribe from this arbitration agreement. If the above prohibition of class actions and other claims asserted on behalf of third parties is found to be unenforceable, all of the above language shall be null and void and not set out in this arbitration section. This arbitration agreement also applies after your relationship with the company has ended. You will find information about the suppliers or approved offers and your contractual rights and obligations regarding a transaction with the suppliers or your use of the approved offers in the applicable terms of use or license agreements governing such transaction or use. Before using the vendor software or approved offerings, we advise you to read and understand the applicable terms of use of such software or service and the Privacy Policy and to ensure that you agree to their terms. You acknowledge that we are not responsible for the vendor software or approved offerings, or the content or privacy practices of the vendors, and that these terms of use do not apply to vendor software, approved offerings, or other third-party products and services. You knowingly and voluntarily take all risks related to the use of the provider software or approved offers.

You agree that we assume no responsibility for the software or approved offers and your use of these offers: this type of procedure involves a trained moderator who discusses the differences between the two parties and tries to see if they can reach an agreement. This type of resolution procedure can be implemented for matters relating to children or property or both. Please note that we do not grant you any rights in the Vendor`s Software or approved offerings and that, to the extent that you have any rights set forth in the Terms of Use or License Agreements applicable to such Software or Approved Offerings. Your use of the Software (Approved Offerings) is subject to all agreements, such as a license agreement or user agreement that is attached to or included in the Software. If the software is made available on or through the website and is not authorized for your use by the software-specific license terms, you may use the software under the following conditions: Subject to signing a contract with an insurance company, if you decide that membership in its DRP program is in your interest. Be sure to negotiate any issues you`ve discovered in the contract in order to reach an agreement you`re comfortable with. Once you get to that point, sign the contract. A direct repair program (DRP) is an agreement between an insurance company and certain body shops of their choice, in which they work together to reduce repair costs, in exchange for directing the customer to their business….

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