Both parties fully comply with all applicable local, state and federal equal employment opportunity laws. The UNIVERSITY of WYOMING, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, and NETWORK administrators may, as part of network abuse maintenance or analysis, monitor traffic through the network to/from any computer on the network. 1. The Access Service provides access to content protected by copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights (“rights”) of various third parties. RCN reserves the right to remove content from RCN servers that violates the Subscriber Agreement (including these Online Policies). In particular, RCN reserves the right to withdraw or block access to the material if it receives a notification that such material violates the property rights of a third party, that it has actual knowledge of such a breach or that it knows facts or circumstances proving a breach of the right. However, the Access Service provides access to users who are not part of the Access Service and RCN is not able to monitor, verify, remove or restrict access to content provided by third parties on the Internet. Upon receipt of such an appropriate response, RCN shall immediately replace the removed material and/or terminate the disabling of access to it, unless RCN receives prior notification from the complaining party that it has filed a legal action for a court injunction to prevent the subscriber from participating in the allegedly injuring activity. Access to the network is normally available to a Fraternity/Sorority building within a few days of the conclusion of the contract. The countdown only begins when network access is operational and is prorated for the first month.

This agreement may be terminated in writing by any party within thirty days. The agreement should clearly stipulate that the second carrier must ensure that its network and equipment are compatible with the network and equipment of the first carrier, including all technical requirements defined in the service order, otherwise the service will not function properly. A violation of these conditions may lead to the end of ACCESS TO THE SUBSCRIBER`s NETWORK and/or to the sanction provided for by the rules of the university and/or to civil action. Email with full header information contains all the above criteria. Syslog files usually offer all except (iv). Other situations require other methods of making the above available. If you need advice on network access agreements, you can contact me for a confidential and non-binding conversation.

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