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Simposio Educación Expandida
Un proyecto de ZEMOS98 y Juan Freire // 22 a 29 de Marzo de 2009

Martín-Barbero and his proposal for Expanded education: Learning to tell you own narrative to engage in citizenship

POR Tiscar Lara 24/03/09 // Español

Expanded education is not an uncommon concept to Jesús Martín-Barbero, the great theorist on social communication in Latin American, who presented yesterday the conference "Educative city: from a society with education system to a knowledge society and learning in the Zemos98 Symposium. It is not a coincidence that the colombian professor is using the same concept for the last years to stress the importance of the need for new learnings, new ways of learning and new spaces for the education to take place beyond the school.

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