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ZEMOS98 is an initiative which works and investigates on contemporary narratives, free culture and social innovation.

ZEMOS98 believes in:

  • culture as an element for social transformation and not just as entertainment.
  • education as something which can happen anytime and anywhere.
  • mutual support networks and the social economy.
  • experimentation (on a formal level and also on a content-level).
  • remix as a tool to deconstruct the dominant messages.
  • mediation as a pedagogical tool.
  • media and digital literacy.

ZEMOS98 has organized for the last 17 years the ZEMOS98 Festival, an international reference en issues related to digital culture and experimental narratives. The next april 2015 will be the last edition.

ZEMOS98 works at an international level and it is part of the Doc Next Network (DNN): a network of independent organizations working in the field of the ​socially engaged culture and new media art​ across the UK, Turkey, Holland, Poland and Spain. This network was funded and created by the ​European Cultural Foundation​, and develops several kinds of projects. It has finished a 2 years project titled “Remapping Europe” (granted from EU commission in the Culture Programme) about migration & media literacy and it is currently undertaking “Radical Democracy”, a Participatory Action Research funded by the Open Society Initiative For Europe (OSIFE) which aims at rethinking the democracy through educational processes and media contents.

ZEMOS98 as investigator and publisher. Either online, as in ​​ as a magazine about contemporary audiovisual narratives (in spanish); either books: “​Creation and Collective Inteligence” ​(2005) , ​”TV Does Not Shoot It” ​(2006), ​”Digital Culture and Participatory Communication” ​(2006),​“Source Code: The Remix”​, a fiction-essay about the possibilities of files, sampling and infinite palimpsest published along with Mar Villaespesa and “​Expanded Education​” (2012) ​published with Juan Freire & Rubén Díaz. Our pdf books can be found at (english / spanish)


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    Dear Zemos98 – I’m sorry to write this, but there’s a spelling error in the Doc Next Network link, such that the beginning of the link reads htpp rather than http, such that the browser can’t open it, without one changing the web address. Just thought I’d let you know.
    Feel very welcome to remove this comment later, as it is not representative of your great work.
    Thanks for the good work! / m

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