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Título The Day After Christmas
Duración: 7 min. 28 seg.
Formato de Realización: MiniDV
Formato de Presentación: DVD
Idioma Original: Bengali / English
Fecha de Producción: febrero de 2005
Ciudad de Producción: Kolkata
País de Producción: India
Sinopsis: The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake was an undersea earthquake that occurred on December 26, 2004. The earthquake generated a tsunami that was among the deadliest disasters in modern history, killing well over 275,000 people. Millions of people may have survived the tsunami but it has left many deeply traumatized. "The Day after Christmas" is a very touching memorial music video in memory of the victims of the Asian Tsunami, whether they died or survived. The video depicts the helplessness of the survivors who only have memories to hold on to. The circumstances : an idyllic setting and then suddenly a tsunami which hits you out of the blue , and then the double trauma of dealing with your own brush with death and the fact that you could not prevent the death of someone else. It is difficult to integrate the idea of death for the survivors.
Producción: Missing Link Motion Pictures/Sumita Banerjee
Director/a: Ritajaya Banerjee
Reparto: Dipankar Halder, Prithwish Chatterjee, Rishin Banerjee, Madhumita Ghosh, Ashish Das, Raja Das.
Guión: Ritajaya Banerjee
Montaje: Ritajaya Banerjee
Fotografía: Pankaj Roy
Música: Ritajaya Banerjee
Sonido: Suvajit Ray
Web: shootingpeople.org/cards/dilan
Otros: Asst.Director - Rishin Banerjee
Licencia de distribución: Dominio público
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