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Título Inventing solitude
Duración: 1 min. 30 seg.
Formato de Realización: Otros
Formato de Presentación: Video-CD
Idioma Original: none
Fecha de Producción: enero de 2005
Ciudad de Producción: Subotica
País de Producción: Yugoslavia
Sinopsis: The series of self-portraits represents a sort of a visual diary of the photographer's more disquieting moods and feelings. The photographs were taken in the state of emotional upheaval, at the moments when the self was at the extreme point of definition. All the images are deeply subjective, yet they also include references to models of representation - how one perceives oneself is always in collision with the roles one takes up in the eyes of others. The pervasive sense of loss and displacement is mingled with self-enclosed fantasies, challenging the distinction between document and fiction, intimacy and exhibitionism, attractiveness and abjection. The music which accompanies the succession of still images, together with the title, emphasizes the (de)constructed nature of the montaged diptychs, stating that our identity is always already shaped by given cultural models.
Producción: Paula Miklosevic Muhr
Director/a: Paula Miklosevic Muhr
Reparto: Paula Miklosevic Muhr
Montaje: Paula Miklosevic Muhr
Fotografía: Paula Miklosevic Muhr
Música: A section from Fellini's Casanova
Web: www.paula-miklosevic.net
Licencia de distribución: