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Título Host (Hýsill)
Duración: 35 min. 50 seg.
Formato de Realización: DVCAM
Formato de Presentación: DVD
Idioma Original: Islandia
Fecha de Producción: octubre de 2004
Ciudad de Producción: Iceland
País de Producción: Islandia
Sinopsis: Sigurdur Gudjonsson studied fine arts in the Art Academy of Iceland 2000 - 2003 where he worked mainly with video, sound/music, photographs and sculpture. Sigurdur Gudjonsson has background in music, having played in one of the fastest and most solid death-metal bands in memory, Cranium. This useful experience has obvious resonances in his work, where energy and deep seriousness come together with screw humour and beauty. In his work, Sigurdur deals dramatically with two raw natural forces, the ones of human nature and nature itself. One wonders which is first, the egg or the cook? Who creates that absurd performance of nature, and how does it affect our own? And vice versa, of course. Which is not necessary at all, as it is much more fruitful just to feel this energy, and not ponder over its origin and effects. Get some earplugs and dive into it, this gentleman is serious.
Producción: Stye
Director/a: Sigurdur Gudjonsson
Reparto: Sigurdur Gudjonsson
Guión: Sigurdur Gudjonsson
Montaje: Sigurdur Gudjonsson
Fotografía: Sigurdur Gudjonsson
Música: Arnar Gudjonsson & Sigurdur Gudjonsson
Sonido: Arnar Gudjonsson & Sigurdur Gudjonsson
Web: this.is/sigurdur
Licencia de distribución: