Hertz Car Rental Agreement Form

A down payment of the estimated rental costs plus R1650.00 as well as an additional deposit of 100% of the damage liability will be approved when picking up the vehicle on your card. If no damage was caused to the vehicle on the return, the customer`s balance is released. Cross-border rentals are only allowed if they have been previously authorised by our call centre. Our call centre is available at 27219354800. 1.1.14. “parties”: the parties to this lease and “party,” each of them, as the context requires; 1.1.15. “transformation tax,” a per-incident charge levied for the handling of parking, speed or other offences, as well as electronic tolls and tolls per transaction for the vehicle, while at the tenant`s risk; 1.1.16. “price,” the price to be paid by the tenant for the rental of a vehicle within the meaning of the lease; 1.1.17. “rental,” the tenant`s rental of a vehicle in accordance with this lease agreement; 1.1.18. “lease agreement,” the rental form that is read with these rental conditions, if any, the HERO brochure, warnings and instructions when handing over the keys to the vehicle to the tenant and all communications transmitted or transmitted to the tenant; 1.1.19. “rental form,” the printed form attached to the lease conditions; 1.1.20.

“unpaid administration fees,” the applicable amount charged to the tenant if the vehicle is not returned to the landlord by the tenant after the end of the tenancy period; 1.1.21. “rental period,” the period beginning from the date and date on which the driver excludes the rental form and ends on the date and time the driver is required to return the vehicle to the renter, and includes a longer period, pursuant to Clause 3 below; 1.1.22. “tenant,” the person (including legal entities) who entered into this lease with the lessor and includes the driver and, if necessary, the additional driver, in solidarity; 1.1.23. “place of rent”: the landlord`s premises from which the vehicle is rented by the tenant or, failing that, a location agreed upon by the landlord; 1.1.24.

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