Integration/Modification – This document, together with any annexes or annexes, embody the entire agreement of the parties on the subject matter of the contract and supersede and cancel all negotiations, agreements or prior obligations of the parties, whether orally or in writing. This Agreement may not be published, terminated, abandoned, modified or modified, except in the case of a written act duly signed by each of the Parties. Opponents of the assignment, neither party may assign, subtract or transfer its rights or obligations under this right or its obligations without the prior written consent of the other party, which shall not be inappropriately refused. You create the liberal career you want. And if you`re hoping for a trouble-free system, a professional hourly replacement contract is a good place to start. The holder is not or is not entitled to insurance, pensions, employee compensation insurance, profit sharing or other plans put in place for the benefit of the staff of the client. Additional Services – Throughout the term of the Agreement, the Contractor may provide additional consulting and/or professional services on an hourly basis at times favorable to the Contractor and the Customer, at the request of the Customer, at a rate of [DOLLARS] of dollars per hour or, at the Customer`s option, up to ten (10) hours per calendar month, for a fixed monthly fee of US$[dollars] per calendar month. For the latter option, no hourly balance from the previous month can be carried over to the next month and the hours of each calendar month are limited to ten (10) hours. While many freelancers rely on email or oral agreements, they often lack flaws and gray areas that can lead to problems with customers and payments. . .


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