This week, more than a hundred schools in 11 Catholic dioceses will implement protective measures to continue union actions against the Catholic Industrial Relations Commission. Christmas came early for a number of teachers at Sydney Catholic Schools after a member asked if they could “jump” after the introduction of the new NSW and ACT Catholic Systemic Schools Enterprise Agreement (EA) 10. At the last General Assembly, school leaders elected their board of directors and expressed their concerns for 2020. At the top of the list? Safety and well-being. As of August 2, 2017, more than 500 schools across NSW and the ACT supported the IEU`s request to begin the process of protected share voting. Faced with this overwhelming resonance, the union applied to the Fair Work Commission for Protected Action Voting Orders (PABOs). Protected action votes were granted by the ACS for 22 schools in the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn, including most secondary schools and many primary schools. The union is asking members to stop working from their start until Thursday, November 2 at 12:30 p.m. As in previous years, the EUI supported the survey conducted by the heads of schools of the Teachers Health Fund and encouraged the participation of key members. Members of the nine independent Christian schools covered by a new agreement for auxiliary staff voted in favor of the agreement and secured a 13 percent increase in the minimum wage over four years. Opinion of the Federal Office of the IEUA – The federal government`s attempt to force non-state schools to switch from distance learning through funding schemes is a fractured and destructive policy. The union is about to conclude a new company agreement (EA) that will apply to employees of NSW`s and ACT`s systemic Catholic schools. However, the union has overcome an obstacle in negotiations with the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle over the Work Practice Agreements (WPAs) that sit next to the EA as the diocese has attempted to reduce existing conditions.

Negotiations on new multi-company agreements (MEAs) for teachers and auxiliaries employed in independent schools are ongoing. Read the latest NewsExtra that outlines the IEU`s demands. Learn about the progress made in agreements in Catholic schools and Christian schools in NSW. The EUI shares the concerns of our members and the wider community regarding the increase in COVID-19 clusters in schools. It is essential that non-governmental employers follow COVID safe plans and practices. Extracurricular activities should be limited. The EUI has written members in independent schools about COVID-19 and how independent schools work. The main objective of the AU is that schools cannot fulfil their legal obligations with regard to work, health and safety, nor their duty of care towards their staff and students. As a result, the IEUA requires an immediate end of the federal semester for all students. The IEU is meeting again this week with the Catholic Labour Relations Board to further discuss our demands for a new company agreement for teachers and auxiliary staff in systemic Catholic schools. While we have managed to secure a number of positions, there are a number of issues that remain unresolved.

Assistance and operational enterprise agreements in more than 30 independent Catholic schools in NSW were recently approved by the Fair Work Commission (FWC). . . .

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