The continuity of toll agreements between different toll parties that use common or common facilities is an essential element in structuring the toll part of an LNG project. The structuring phase is crucial and decisions taken at an early stage will guide negotiations and promote the documentation approach. An agreement in which a party owns (and bears the risks) the inputs and results of a process as well as the rights to a portion of the process capacity (which is subject to the fee). Another party undertakes to operate the process or facility and collects a toll per converted entry unit or per unit of capacity to which rights are granted (the large one). As part of an LNG liquefaction agreement, a company sends a lot of table gas to a liquefaction plant, with the gas being liquefied at a predetermined toll. Unlike other provisions of a toll agreement, the fee structure may not be consistent beyond the project agreements. The dispute settlement procedure is streamlined and more efficient if all parties to the dispute participate in the same dispute settlement procedure. . .


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