The most important thing to support participants during the internship should be to treat them as regular employees as much as possible, but to realize that they may need additional coaching and supervision due to their lack of work experience. In addition to the above, generic UH insurance documents must be completed in ALL cases. Form A must be completed by the host company confirming that it: has a health and safety policy; conducted a risk assessment; have liability and employer insurance that covers the student; have informed their insurers of the presence of students; If necessary, training and protective clothing will be provided; UH contact in case of injuries, etc. If you would like to provide work experience, please contact the Employer Services Line on 0800 169 0178. You will organise a meeting to discuss how you can work with us to support unemployed young people. For some young people, a lack of understanding of the world of work is a significant barrier to finding and maintaining a job. Together with you, Jobcenter Plus wants to offer young job seekers the opportunity to overcome this obstacle through internships. This publication is Katerina does not have to receive the minimum wage, because work is a mandatory part of her course and placement in primary school does not exceed 1 year. We are also happy to work with employers who can offer more than one internship and with large employers with multiple branches.

We will conclude an agreement at national level that covers all branches and avoids the signing of multiple agreements. The School Work Experience Agreement form includes a risk assessment section, but if a more detailed risk assessment is required, a project risk assessment form is available on the School of Creative Arts ` (StudyNet) departmental website. We know that regular contact with Jobcenter Plus work coaches is very important to encourage job seekers to take reasonable steps to find work. Maintaining mandatory attendance will help participants focus on finding and looking for work. People who do an internship on a voluntary basis are not minimum wage workers. .

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