Power/field compilation #3 – Call for Submissions

Recordings wanted for the third edition of the Power/field compilation. This series is dedicated to recordings made “in the field” with processing on-site – ie pedals, laptops, or strange acoustic phenomena in the intersection of power and environment. No post-processing besides basic trim edits and gain

Traditional field recording captures ambient sound in various locations via microphone without any effects. Power/field recordings are field recordings made with effects processing units used on-site. The intent is to take experimental music practices outside of their traditional operating venues (composing studios and performance venues) and into the “field” (anywhere you don’t normally compose/record/perform music).

Aesthetically speaking, anything goes – drone, microsound, synth, ambient, harsh noise. The recordings can come from a wide variety of musical practices, and can be made with electronic, electrical, mechanical, and acoustic means. Harnessing the existing sound in a space is preferred over generating sound within a space – but the latter can work when the results align within the perspective of the series. It is suggested for all to listen to the first edition (link below) for examples of successful submissions.

The entire contents of the previous editions can be found here:

vol 1:
(p.s. the first track of Disc 1 is titled “\\\” but the slashes don’t come out right in an online directory)

vol 2:

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