detalles de 20.21

Título 20.21
Duración: 15 min. 20 seg.
Formato de Realización: BETACAM
Formato de Presentación: DVD
Idioma Original: English
Fecha de Producción: enero de 2002
Ciudad de Producción: Nizhny Novgorod
País de Producción: Rusia, Fed.
Sinopsis: The film explores the idea of the millennium through symbols of the Archive and library as Conservators of Time. The main characters are the Man and the Book Man's desire to read the book results in its de-conservation and Destruction. A visitor enters a library as the loudspeakers information on the library departments and the rules of their use. The visitor begins his search of the catalogues. The book he seeks arrives from the stacks soon after and the visitor proceeds to the reading hall, where he finds himself amongst other readers. Suddenly, a book falls to the floor from one of the desks. Damaged, the book is then sent to the restoration department. The film narrates a story of library?s visitor by visual language using structural digital montage and dynamic titles. Stylistically, ?20.21? is an experimental project developing structuralism towards the absurd and reality. The film consists of 30575 still frames. It is based around a musical piece ?20.21?/part of the famous series ?20 to 2000? by Rasten Noton /Golden Nica-Prix Ars Electronica/ written by the contemporary Sweden sound artist Ivan Pavlov, working in the area of electronic minimalism.
Producción: PROVMYZA02
Director/a: Galina Myznikova | Sergey Provorov
Reparto: Vadim Demidov
Guión: Ivan Pavlov
Montaje: Sergey Yeroshenko, Evgeny Yasakov
Fotografía: Andrey Skvortsov
Música: Ivan Pavlov
Sonido: Ivan Pavlov
Otros: Support: Raster noton
Licencia de distribución: Creative Commons
Creative Commons:

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