detalles de Glitche

Título Glitche
Duración: 43 min. 0 seg.
Formato de Realización: MiniDV
Formato de Presentación: DVD
Idioma Original:
Fecha de Producción: octubre de 2004
Ciudad de Producción: Orléans
País de Producción: Francia
Sinopsis: Glitch means in english to slip, to slide. this word is a term used by musicians and composers of electronic music to generate musical material while making slip cd into the player. the origin of the multi-media installation presented under this title is the numerical error, the data slip. images filmed in the city of « le havre » for an urban wandering, underwent a change by mutation of the algorithm during the compression of pixels. this numerical error, in the pixel organization of the video picture, was worked over again to constitute an abstracted moving landscape. it is diffused on screen plasma (flat), which looks like a painting because of the very slow remains of animation. the screen is connected to a dvd player in loop. this video was thought to constitute an environment: picture, sound and furniture - conditioning the position of the spectator. the sound and furniture are the prolongation of this visual handling: - music: the video signal was recorded as if it was a sound with an audio editor. several compressions, time stretching and filtering systems were applied on this audio file. thus, the visual data become sound data then they are pasted to the video again. - furniture: a slip between the visual aspect (rigid and a certain height) of the bench and the feeling tests that the spectator get when he actually sit (soft and very low, that causes a shift. about bench : pixels pixels is a sit, a standard sofa, created from a fragment of video picture. composed of 84 pixels in volume, each one coated of tight latex painting which accurately reproduces the colours of the fragment of a still, all that stuff is constituted in a monolith and rectangular block, like an picture in 3 dimensions. with the manner of a gymnastics mattress and not without referring to grasses of verner panton, each padded pixel deviates and becomes deformed in a random way under the person who sits. the body is immersed in images; according to the position of each spectator, the feeling is different. comfort is a subjective way.
Producción: Labomedia
Director/a: Sylvie Ungauer
Música: Benjamin Cadon
Otros: Agnès Matel, Designer
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