radio aporee: World Listening Day 2011

Last year we’ve asked people around the world to send sound recordings made on July 18, to the radio aporee ::: soundmap project. this was fun and a success, listen to the amazing results on the project map of the World Listening Day 2010.

You are invited to participate in the second annual World Listening Day! Send your audio recording to radio aporee, to create a sonic snapshot of the world, on Monday, July 18, 2011. Please read the info & instructions on how to upload to the soundmap. If you want, add a tag like WLD or world listening day to the description of your sounds. all recordings will be made available on a dedicated project page, similar to last year’s WLD.

Additionally, during July 18, we will provide a broadcast of the 2010 recordings on the radio aporee streaming website. Radio Zero from Lisbon will pick up the stream and include it in their ongoing Radio Real project, audible on the web and in Lisbon on 88.4MHz.

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