The Radioactive Orchestra

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Radioactive orchestra‘, a web-based musical interface resultant from a collaboration between sweden’s royal institute of technology (KTH) and nuclear safety and training institute (KSU), is designed to render aurally the processes of atomic gamma decay.

KTH professors arne johnson and bo cederwall and doctorate karin andgren envisioned and developed the project, which¬† was formalized by electronic artist kristofer hagbard into an interactive web interface for data exploration and sound track generation […] if we could hear the radiation we would have constant sound around us all the time. we would hear different notes repeated, maybe at quite a steady rate, but it would always be something new. [as it is,] we can’t feel ionizing radiation with our senses, but we could translate it, and that is what this [project] is based on. we translate these characteristic gamma energies to notes instead, to frequencies. then you get an audio impression directly from the characteristic radiation. these are the patterns
we explore and make [music] from.’

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