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Título Rush
Duración: 7 min. 30 seg.
Formato de Realización: Otros
Formato de Presentación: MiniDV
Idioma Original:
Fecha de Producción: septiembre de 2005
Ciudad de Producción: Lancaster
País de Producción: Reino Unido
Sinopsis: Rush conveys the experience of a journey. Shot mostly in the Forêt des Landes in southwest France, the camera is constantly on the move, but variations in speed and focus create images that are sometimes clear and sometimes diffuse. The overall effect is that of attentiveness to the visual field itself, without any particular object or incident obtruding, in other words, how a journey might look in reverie, daydream or perhaps a state of exhaustion. This dream-like apprehension is spun out of certain formal or abstract qualities that the film carefully selects and amplifies, for example, the movements of tree trunks seen in vertical bands. Sometimes these overlap producing a flickering, stroboscopic effect, at others they swirl and rotate or become soft, blurred bands as their rhythmic movement slows. By placing two projectors side by side the impression of a continuous 8m x 3m image is created on the gallery wall. The DVD has been edited into short, repeating loops of film which emphasize and enhance the speed, rhythm and colour of the image flow, but also produce doubling and mirror effects across the two screens, removing what is seen from any naturalist interpretation and heightening the sense of reverie or abstraction. The journey is digitally constructed, a fiction disrupted by the memories and associations it provokes. By selecting and elaborating formal or abstract qualities, the film suggests a particular kind of visual experience, that is, the reverie of an artist or someone who is preoccupied by the structure or language of vision, not just things seen. The viewer is finally uncertain whether it is hallucination, daydream or metaphor.
Producción: Boynton and Rose
Director/a: Neil Boynton and Emma Rose
Reparto: Emma Rose
Guión: None
Montaje: Neil Boynton and Emma Rose
Fotografía: Neil Boynton and Emma Rose
Música: Neil Boynton
Sonido: Neil Boynton
Licencia de distribución: Dominio público
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