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Título Silent dial
Duración: 18 min. 30 seg.
Formato de Realización: SVHS
Formato de Presentación: VHS
Idioma Original: English
Fecha de Producción: octubre de 2002
Ciudad de Producción: Paris
País de Producción: Francia
Sinopsis: The starting point is an image of people lost in a mall, trying to find their way, standing in front of an illuminated map. We don’t see the details, the image, and the bodies, are overexposed. The map becomes a light screen and works like a « video door » which allows the insertion and association of different or dissimilar fragments, in a non-narrative process of montage. I tried to make collisions, shocks, taken in this out-standing environment and mechanical dimension of urban traffic. Thus, the starting point image works at a metaphoric level (as an image of our situation or world today) and the montage weave a critical and political dimension, through an experimental logic, not at all from a preset idea or planned discourse.
Producción: Faure Pierre
Director/a: Faure Pierre
Guión: Faure Pierre
Montaje: Faure Pierre
Fotografía: Faure Pierre
Música: Billie Hallyday
Sonido: Billie Hallyday
Licencia de distribución: