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Título Reverse gear
Duración: 11 min. 0 seg.
Formato de Realización: DVCAM
Formato de Presentación: DVD
Idioma Original: Hindi
Fecha de Producción: junio de 2005
Ciudad de Producción: Mumbai
País de Producción: India
Sinopsis: The story of �Reverse Gear� is a story of a car thief and two sly car mechanics caught in the whirlwind of extraordinary circumstances. Set inside a car and a garage �Reverse Gear� begins when one of the mechanics stops the car he is driving to answer nature�s call on a fairly deserted highway. Ali a car thief sees this grabs the opportunity and steals the car. Thrilled with his feat Ali just about relaxes in the car when he notices a big man rising from the back seat. Ali is stunned with the way the stranger answers his cell phone, Ali is convinced that the man is a gangster and the man he stole the car from is his partner. A petrified Ali begs for forgiveness, the stranger agrees to let him go only on the condition that Ali does exactly as he is told. The stranger first asks Ali to turn back his car and pick up his partner. That done, the strangers revel in Ali�s fears but let him off after he has driven them to a garage. A relieved Ali bolts but turns back when he discovers that he has forgotten his cell phone. When he goes back to the garage Ali sees the strangers for who they really are - car mechanics. The atmosphere is just loosening up when a bullet pierces Ali who drops dead. The terrified mechanics then find out that the bullet came out from a gangster�s gun whose car Ali had stolen earlier also the car they were driving also belonged to the gangster that Ali almost stole. The story is told in a �reverse narrative�, a stylistic form in which the story is told backwards. In this short film the reverse scenes are marked with a warmer colour tone to differentiate them from the forward scenes, which blend at the climax.
Producción: Winged Elephants
Director/a: Abhishek Mehrotra
Reparto: Sunil Huske, Amit Achupulaya, Vivek Sharma and Sachin Kamble
Guión: Abhishek Mehrotra
Montaje: Abhishek Mehrotra
Fotografía: Abdullah Zakharia.
Música: Rick Walker
Otros: Sound Recordist - Asif.
Licencia de distribución: