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Título I must not put strangeness where is nothing
Duración: 25 min. 43 seg.
Formato de Realización: MiniDV
Formato de Presentación: DVD
Idioma Original: Memorized Japanese
Fecha de Producción: junio de 2005
Ciudad de Producción: London
País de Producción: Reino Unido
Sinopsis: I Must Not Put Strangeness Where There Is Nothing Yonatan Vinitsky TRT: 25min 43sec B/W | Sound (Stereo) Memorized Japanese, English Titles [French Titles Version Available] Screening Copy: Beta-SP / Mini-DV / DVD Completed: June 2005 UK | 2003-2005 I Must Not Put Strangeness Where There Is Nothing is the story of an unseen narrator on a journey to fulfill his mission. Along the journey the character encounters three generic elements: the airplane, the bird and the forest. The narrative is constructed by mixing text, image, sound and voice to create filmic moments that investigate memory, time, place and belief. The film utilizes various styles of digital editing including ‘real-time’ scratching sessions juxtaposed with long meditative shots. Quoting early film, photography and movement experiments create an old ‘archival’ textbook form. The images function between black and white, in the arena of the grain. The soundtrack combines memorized Japanese narration and processed sounds, ranging from soft flute to hard techno noise. Continuous translation titles of the narration become part of the image, forcing narrative through reading rather than hearing. I Must Not Put Strangeness Where There Is Nothing functions as a task. The film’s symbolic elements examine language and history in order to question purpose. Operating between sensations of the poetic and the ominous, visualizing experiences of action, longing and alienation.
Producción: Yonatan Vinitsky
Director/a: Yonatan Vinitsky
Guión: Yonatan Vinitsky
Montaje: Yonatan Vinitsky
Fotografía: Yonatan Vinitsky
Música: Yonatan Vinitsky
Licencia de distribución: