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Título The Slaughterhouse
Duración: 9 min. 40 seg.
Formato de Realización: MiniDV
Formato de Presentación: DVD
Idioma Original: English
Fecha de Producción: septiembre de 2005
Ciudad de Producción: lincolnshire
País de Producción: Reino Unido
Sinopsis: The Slaughterhouse is a video of a small local abattoir near my home in Lincolnshire. It is approximately 10 minuets in duration and the result of frequent visits I made over a period of one year to a local slaughterhouse to document my experience there. Rather than making work about a large industrial abattoir, I decided to concentrate on a small local environment. I wanted to create work with a greater intimacy and closer relationship with the people and animals that are involved there. An animal carcass can be interpreted as a solemn reminder of our own mortality and human vulnerability. My intention therefore is not to depict cruelty to animals, but to present an aspect of daily life and behavior that most people do not usually see.
Producción: Thomas Lamb
Director/a: Thomas Lamb
Montaje: Thomas Lamb
Fotografía: Thomas Lamb
Sonido: Thomas Lamb
Licencia de distribución: