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Título Tu me souviens
Duración: 11 min. 30 seg.
Formato de Realización: Hi8
Formato de Presentación: MiniDV
Idioma Original: French
Fecha de Producción: mayo de 2005
Ciudad de Producción: Paris
País de Producción: Francia
Sinopsis: Part documentary, part-fiction, part-tragedy, part love-story, TU ME SOUVIENS (REMEMBER ME) delves into the chaotic world of a woman who is rapidly losing her memory. To retain some sense of her identity, she hires a photographer to follow her and document her life . Narrated (DENIS JOUSSELIN) and shot from the perspective of the photographer who falls madly in love with his subject, the film paints a landscape of growing obsession. Ultimately, the story is one of a woman who chooses not to descend into existential trauma but instead turns her illness into a work of art. Composed largely of still photographs, the film finds poetic balance between documentary, narrative and experimental modes. DIRECTOR, Isabel Sadurni, PHOTOGRAPHER, Kristine Potter and COMPOSER, Heather McIntosh team up to create this ultimately human story which plausibly merges tragedy with stoic optimism.
Producción: Isabel Sadurni, Kristin Potter
Director/a: Isabel Sadurni
Reparto: Nestan Nijaradze, Dneis Jousselin, Antonia Malinova
Guión: Isabel Sadurni, Nestan Nijaradze
Montaje: Isabel Sadurni
Fotografía: Kristine Potter, Isabel Sadurni
Música: Heather McIntosh
Sonido: Heather McIntosh
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