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Título Talker
Duración: 18 min. 20 seg.
Formato de Realización: DVCAM
Formato de Presentación: MiniDV
Idioma Original: English
Fecha de Producción: agosto de 2003
Ciudad de Producción: London
País de Producción: Reino Unido
Sinopsis: Talker is a video-book, a reworking of an unpublished artist’s book (with Andrew Bick). The public voice of Talker champions "truth" and is always praying for those he meets. His refrain is a gambit to the losers of the world: "You have left the asylum and are waiting for a taxi to take you to paradise". Talker is a proselytiser, defender of the faith. But he keeps a private journal (Diary of a Network Methodist) in which he articulates a deep scepticism, exposes lost love and his own history in the asylum. There are (too) many words/images in the book. Intercut with scenes from Carl Dreyer’s Day of Wrath, the video attempts an escape from image and word, a fugue through memory, while it oscillates between stillness/movement, language/silence, love/truth.
Producción: Serialscribbler
Director/a: Gad Hollander
Guión: Gad Hollander
Montaje: Gad Hollander
Fotografía: Gad Hollander
Sonido: Gad Hollander
Otros: Stills & Artwork: Andrew Bick
Licencia de distribución: