Lobby 7

“Lobby 7”

Public space intervention and video documentation, 1999

Jill Magid


“Lobby 7” documents an action that took place in the main entrance of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1999. In it, Jill Magid “kidnapped” the information monitor that showed the daily activities of the centre, and replaced the regular images with others sent from a small wireless camera which the artist carried in her hand. In the video, Jill Magid places the camera in her clothing and shows all the parts of her body that it is capable of reaching. The University entrance "fills" with blurry images of her skin, which travel through the waves that cross the space and connect her body with the information monitor. For the artist, the aim of the experience was to use the technology to create a new relationship between her body, the building and the people that circulate in it.