A documentary by ZAP Producciones with the collaboration of ZEMOS98
Soccer clubs are
a "patriotic reserve" in a world
in which homelands and flags
will become increasingly meaningless.

Manuel Vázquez Montalbán

The League of the Forgotten Ones recounts the ups and downs of local league soccer teams, clubs and players through the experiences of Smaali Hacine, Freddy Machaca and Yakhya Diarra, among others.

An ensemble story packed with humour, adventures and misfortunes, where the media fictions of our society of spectacle are disrupted by the realities of anonymous soccer players and by "the real as a fragment on the horizon of fantasy". More than just playing areas, fields and courts become peripheral enclaves of the (mainly speculative) growth of our cities, and sites of identity and socialisation for migrant citizens. As someone in the film puts it, “Soccer was invented over a hundred years ago as cheap entertainment for workers and, in spite of the minority of millionaires who do the same thing in front of a whole load of TV cameras, it’s still basically the same”.

On this occasion, the director of Latitude 36 (Paralelo 36) explores a border tale that begins with fiction and sets out to find reality in the non-places of our society, giving shape to the mutations that are taking place in our cities through migration: a series of micro-stories in which the practice of soccer intersects with personal and social realities.

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A project in
collaboration with
2007 ZAP Producciones | ZEMOS98