Audio Scanner VST .Beta1


Desde el Music Technology Group de la Univ Pompeu Fabra en Barcelona nos llega el lanzamiento de la primera beta de este interesante VST. En su web está toda la info, las pertinentes demostraciones y hasta un forum donde compartir experiencias con el invento. Y si estas muy impaciente por probarlo YA, haz click aquí.

Audio Scanner is a new real-time VST plugin for audio separation.
Drag and drop your favorite songs into your VST compatible sequencer and start tweaking audio separation algorithms with a user-friendly interface.


* Voice removal
Mute lead voices to sing on top as in a karaoke.
* Musical analysis of recordings
Isolate riffs and solos in a song, listen carefully to single instrument performances and find out what effects do they use.
* Remixing
Extract sounds from your favourite songs, copy them into different tracks and create personal remixes.

_Main features

* Pan filter
Extract sounds with different panning.
* Phase-difference filter
Extract sounds without artificial stereo reverberation.
* Frequency filter
Extract frequency bands.
* Dual operation mode (solo/mute)
Choose whether to listen or mute the selected sounds.

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