Interview with ZEMOS98, by Regine (WMMNA)

Interview with Zemos98, by Regine (We Make Money Not Art)

Excerpt from the interview:

ZEMOS98 was born in 1995. Have your objective and role changed since 1995?

ZEMOS98 keeps on re-inventing itself bit by bit. We strongly believe that one of our best asset is the constant self critique. Back in 1995 our main objective was to finish a short movie about mutant zombies. Nowadays the projects are much wider and more ambitious.

Let’s say that in terms of content and scale of vision we have changed. We’ve learned so much since 1995 as we have associated our education -ever since we were at school and even more when we were studying in the university- with our own artistic practice.

Most of us have studied disciplines related to audiovisual communication and image, we have also gained much knowledge in post grads and by becoming autodidacts in computing, technology and education.

Despite all that, there are things which have not changed such as the way we regard culture as a medium for social action. Cultural processes are educative processes, for us who are the first involved but also for the public in general who visits the festival and reads our publications.

This union between education and communication has been part of our philosophy for a long time. And deep down, we know that such vision of culture implies a political vision, that’s why we have never hesitated to take part in social movements such as the foundation of Indymedia Estrecho or the one of the Plataforma de Reflexión de Políticas Culturales (Platform for Reflexion on Cultural Politics) which protests against the Contemporary Art Biennale of Seville (BIACS).

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