Plaza Futura, Eindhoven

In collaboration with Plaza Futura we present two nights of innovative and artistic audiovisual performances, live cinema, theatre, dance, live music.

In the programme Plaza+, a selection of international artists are selected, that work beyond the experimental realm of technology and live performance. A variety of Live cinema performances include performances from Semiconductor (UK), Ryoichi Kurokawa (JP), Visualnaut (UK), Nokami/Sans Soleil (CA), and DrifterTV (NL).

Selected theatre/dance-performances crossing the boundaries within technology and audiovisual experience take place in the main theatre-room. Japanese artist Hiroaki Umeda performs a unique dance-choreography to create a sensational experience within movement and light. ‘Still life’ from Andrea Bozic is an absurdistic theatrical piece of dispair and two people who will never meet. It’s a film within a live performance, to create a new kind of reality.

Talks and presentations are presented from international researchers. Xarene Eskander (USA) presents the book, ‘vE-”jA: Art + Technology of Live Audio-Video’. Dutch researcher and curator Annet Dekker (Montevideo) presents her examinations on VJ-ing related to new phenomena such as games as ‘Second life.’

Playgrounds (Leon van Rooij) selected a special video-programme of artistic video-screening.
The interactive LED driven light-installation called ‘L1ghtsc00p’ by Roel Verlinden and Olga Mink, will be premiered during PLAZA+.



This event is curated by Olga Mink and Plaza Futura.

More info please visit

Date: 11 &12 januari 2008
Location: Plaza Futura, Leenderweg 65, Eindhoven, 040-2946848
040 294 6848(Plaza Futura) or via

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