Sound:Space [Londres]


Sound:Space es un interesante evento que incluye conferencias, pases de vídeo, instalaciones sonoras, proyectos de sonido y arquitectura, arte radiofónico, intervenciones sonoras medioambientales y una exposición. La apertura oficial del festival será esta misma tarde, aunque las actividades principales se concentran en el simposio que se celebrará el sábado 1 de noviembre. [+info]

The symposium event on Saturday 1st November attempts to pack in a rich and diverse selection of work and presentations into the day. We begin at 11.00am with the first of three Chris Watson surround sound pieces in our Cinema and run through to 7.30pm when the event will end with a performance by Max Eastley and Peter Cusack inside the “Kinetic Drawings” installation in the Gallery. There will be breaks during the day to allow viewing of the other works in the exhibition programme, Sound:Space – Screen in the Cinema, and the SoundLAB V “Sound Stories” collection in the media lab.

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