Tagtool : instrumento open source para dibujar en directo

The Tagtool is an open source instrument for drawing and animation in a live performance situation. Its development is coordinated by OMA International.

The project aims to explore digital drawing as a means for communication – on stage, on the street and over the internet.

The Tagtool is in use as a visual instrument in theatres, youth centers, at jam sessions with musicians and for performances in public spaces. It serves as a VJ tool, a creative video game for children, and an intuitive tool for creating animation.

The Tagtool is operated collaboratively by an artist drawing the pictures and an animator adding movement to the artwork with a gamepad. The design achieves virtually unlimited artistic complexity with a simple set of controls, which can be mastered even by children.


What are the key ideas of the Tagtool concept?

There are a few key premises that are important to the Tagtool concept:

It’s now – Everything you see has been created on the spot, in realtime, by the artist. There is no playback of existing footage or pre-programmed effects.

It’s for everyone
– Even people that have no computer background should feel at home with it immediately. The basic drawing controls can be mastered by anyone (including kids and old people) within a few minutes, but create virtually unlimited possibilities of artistic expression that can be explored by advanced users.

Real-world Interaction – One of the most important aspects of the concept is the possibility to interact with the world outside of the screen. The attention of the artist is focused on the whole performance space – whether this is a building, a projection screen in a club, or a theater stage.


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