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Security Barrier (Sonic Weapons) in Lost

By • Mar 9th, 2008 • Category: DISPOSITIVOS, VIDEO


Comments in forums of the television series Lost

ACOUSTIC WEAPONS! Arms for crowd control and invisible fencing Acoustic frequencies could be used to guard sensitive facilities, rescue hostages, clear paths for military convoys, disperse crowds, or target individuals. Status: Prototypes exist. [labels] Acoustic frequencies can penetrate buildings Acoustic “gun” mounted on humvee Sonic “speakers”

Acoustic fencing An array of acoustic devices can keep people away. The closer they get, the worse they feel. Acoustic effects on the body Sonic frequencies can cause tiny hair cells in the inner ear to vibrate, creating sensations like motion sickness, vertigo, and nausea. They can also resonate internal organs resulting in pain, spasms, or even death.


When we need to lyse bacteria cells in the lab, we use this thing called a sonicator. Basically, you stick a tube which emits high powered sound waves into your flask of bacteria, and the pulse of noise is able to break the cell walls.

When you use this equipment, it emits a horrible high pitched sound, much like the one we heard right before Patchy got killed. Additionally, you need to wear heavy duty headphones when using the equipment because the sound can easily rupture your eardrums.

That would explain the bleeding from the ears, as well as the foaming from the mouth. (I’m assuming that’s just a side effect of completely destroying your internal organs and gut).

So, I’m pretty sure that’s what that thing was: a really big sonicator.



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