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Archimedes Sonic Incubator

By • Mar 21st, 2008 • Category: DISPOSITIVOS

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The Hypersonic Project

Array Therapeutic is working with Dr. William J. Tyler in the School of Life Sciences at Arizona State University to study the effects of sound on biological cells. Recent advancements in the fundamental understanding of the mechanics of cellular biology and in tools for measuring these processes has enabled a unique opportunity to study the interaction of hypersonic sound (above the range of human hearing) with the human body.

Tyler LabPrevious research has identified the existence of a hypersonic effect, in which brain wave activity and cerebral blood flow are increased in the presence of the combination of audible and hypersonic sound waves. Our goal is to identify the cellular mechanisms for these physiological changes and to use this information to further study its potential application in the treatment of neural disorder and pain.

The Archimedes SI™ – for cell research

he Archimedes SI™ transmits acoustic energy into a standard 6 well culture plate (Costar® or Nunc®) without interruption to the culture system. Archimedes is controlled by an Agilent ® Model 33220A Function/Waveform Generator and can be easily configured to provide a wide range of power levels and waveforms for researchers.


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