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Sonic Devastador

By • Mar 11th, 2008 • Category: DISPOSITIVOS



Sonic Devestator– This handheld space age weapon of the future is powered by (2) 9 volt batteries conatined within the handle. It is capable of emitting intense ultrasonic blasts from its output transducer. The sonic blast is capable of inducing intense pain and discomfort in humans and animals It is effective for approximately 20ft but some people are even effected at distances as great as 50ft. Some people are more sensitive to sonic waves then others. The batterys will last for nearly 20 hours of continuous operation before needing replacement. The unit is now fully adjustable and has controls for effecting and experimenting with its output blast. The user adjustments are as follows:

Frequency adjust– Allows adjustment of output center frequency from approximately 15khz to 30khz by an adjustment knob on the back of the unit. Humans are able to hear up to about 20khz. A low frequency switch on the back of the unit allows you to select a lower adjustable center frequency range of 5khz to 20khz.

Sweep on/off– By selecting this switch to the on position the unit can be made to sweep its frequency back and forth which causes intense sonic effects.

Sweep adjust– Allows the selected frequency to sweep back and forth by approximately 5khz. By adjusting the knob you can make the unit sweep slower or faster causing an intense sonic output wave to be produced. There is also a low sweep switch which allows the sweep time to be much slower.

Sonic Devestator Our research has shown that by using these adjustment controls it is now possible to drastically increase the sonic output effect of the unit. It is possible to adjust the output for a maximizing effect on certain targets such as humans, dogs, unruly animals etc. One interesting characteristic of high power sonic waves is they are able to transmit much farther then normal sound waves and can easily be heard through thick walls and over long distances if properly tuned.

Although parts of the sonic output are actually above the range of human hearing, the output can easily be heard when the trigger is pulled because the frequency is being swept back and forth. It is a very loud and painful screeching type sound. A good example of the type of irritation it produces is to say its like somebody scratching their fingernails on a chalkboard but at 130 decibels which is about the same sound output levels experienced at a rock concert. When the device is properly tuned and used on a human target the effect causes intense naseau and headaches usually within less than 60 seconds of exposure. Some people actually feel intense pain and pressure on their eardrums and the natural reaction is to want to get away from it as quickly as possible. The device does not cause any permenant harm or damge. The effects of being hit by a sonic blast usually subside after an hour or so.

The sonic waves are highly directional and most of the output is emitted out the front in an invisible cone shape of 45 degrees to be aimed directly at the intended target. The operator is able to hear the sonic blast but its at tollerable levels as long as its pointed away from the operator. The unit is highly effective against most animals due to their ability to hear in the upper frequency bands. Because of this fact it makes a great anti-dog deterrent.

This new improved unit is replacing our older sonic unit and is being sold for the same price which is $150. We have also updated the construction plans to include the new design for those of you who wish to build one yourself. The military is currently working on a high power unit similar to this concept for crowd control and for use on the battlefield.


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